About us

Feel The Love WATER SPORTS has been an ongoing concept of some of the worlds most accomplished professional waterskiers. The name says it all… A water sports company, for the love of the sport. The owners of FTL have travelled the world for the past twelve years performing in international waterski and stunt shows including Seaworld Australia, Universal Studios Japan & Singapore, Holiday Park Germany and our favourite summer location, Muskoka. FTL has the most passionate and diversely skilled team and is here to serve all of your watersports needs. FTL is committed to helping advance your skills from all ages, for all levels, in all disciplines and ensure you will have as much fun on the water as possible.


Meet Our Team...


Liam Alrich



As an Australian born surfer, Liam began his international waterskiing career at the age of 18 on the beautiful Muskoka Lakes. Liam has been a professional waterskier for the past 12 years and has performed in more than 8 different counties.

Liam competed in China for his country where was awarded most talented skier of the competition. He is currently on the Australian Team that will be competing this September in the World Waterski Show Tournament.

His waterskiing career led him to perform in the most successful live water stunt show in the world. He played Kevin Costner’s lead roll as the Mariner for Universal Studios Japan and Singapore for four years.

Liam owns and operates flyboard, wakeboard and waterski schools throughout Australia.

All talent aside, Liam is one of the most accomplished and dedicated instructors on the water purely for his love and passion of the sport. Liam lives, breathes, dreams watersports. He brings fun, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge into every lesson.


Kelly Goggins



Kelly spent summers on the Muskoka Lakes since she was born and got her ski legs at the age of three (and could drive a boat by the age of six.) She performed in her first ever waterski show at the age of twelve and started a waterski and wakeboard school with her brothers called "The Fly" at the age fifteen. Run off the docks of Windermere, Kelly co-owned and operated for eight successful years until her international waterski show career took over.

Liam, Kelly and brother Jesse started a wakeboard and waterski school in Australia in 2010 and currently own and operate a seasonal flyboard school in Byron Bay.

For the past twenty years, Kelly has been following her dream and passion of instructing and performing in professional waterski / stunt shows around the world. She managed a team in Germany for three years and was one of the only ever female boat drivers to have the privilege of driving in the show. Kelly also taught English to pre-school children in Japan for 14 months during her travels. 

Kelly is the co-director of the Canadian Waterski Show Team and will be representing Canada in the World Tournament this year for the third time. 

She was the first Canadian female to back-barefoot during the event.  

Kelly is a devoted instructor and will be just as excited as you are, if not more, to see you succeed on the water.


Nick Bertrand

Nicholas John Bertrand born in Toronto, started water skiing at the age of 3 at the family cottage on Gull Lake, Gravenhurst Ontario. He learned to compete three event (slalom, trick and jump) with Québec provincial coach on Lac St. Pierre in Gatineau, Québec.

Nicholas started instructing at Hockey Opportunity Camp in Sundridge Ontario working with all skill levels and disciplines. He then moved back to Muskoka as an instructor and performed in 5 weekly shows and taught out of popular resorts such as Clevelands House and the Lake Joseph Club and was the waterfront director at Taboo.

Nicholas performed in a professional show in China where he completed choreographed jet ski routines with flyboarding and large pyrotechnics, light shows and music at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.  Crowds were estimated around 2,000 people and +100,000 during Chinese New Year.

Favourite quotes...

“Go big or go home”

“Who’s bringing the heat”

“Knees bent, arms straight, head up”

“It is not what you know, it is what you don't know”